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Jane Eyre

Directed by Franco Zeffirelli. With William Hurt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anna Paquin, Nic Knight

Jane Eyre

Maria Schneider has a small role in this film as William Hurt's wife. With an all star cast and directed by Franco Zeffirelli (Jesus of Nazareth) it is well constructed and worth looking for. Charlotte Gainsbourg turns in a good performance as Jane.

Jane Eyre, orphaned, is left to live under the charity of her Aunt Reed. After living ten years of mistreatment and segregation in her Aunt's home, she is then sent to Lowood- a boarding school for young girls. Jane grows up both physically and mentally at Lowood and becomes a teacher at age eighteen. She then advertises for the position of a governess and is called upon by Mrs Fairfax at Thornfield. At Thornfield, Jane falls in love with the master, Mr Rochester, and he with her. However, he yields a terrible and dark secret that threatens to tear them apart for good.